Make Money

NodeFiles rates for each 1,000 download of your files
A $5
B $2.5
C $1
D $0.5 All other countries
This affiliate program is for artists, developers or publishers.
Points are given for complete downloads of any file.
Refer a people and earn 10% from each your referral profits.
Once you reach the minimum payout of $5.00 you can monetize money earned.
We'll check the download and abuse records to make sure you didn't violate the Rules.
Your payment request will be processed within 3 business days.
Money will be sent via Paypal.
1. You must be logged in while uploading to NodeFiles.
2. Eligible file size 5 MB - 2 GB.
3. Your uploads must honor our Terms of Service & copyrights.
4. You will be disqualified & banned if you violated our Terms of Service or tried to manipulate your results.
5. We don't allow hotlinking.
6. We reserve the right to modify money program or payment date any time without prior notice.
7. We don't accept downloads from proxy servers.
8. There is a limit to money generated by a unique IP per day (24 hours) to prevent cheating.
9. Image/Photos is not allowed.